MvB is back — for good!

My hiatus is over and MvB is back for good! You'll notice some changes to the site and content over the next few weeks that should both improve the quality of the comic, video, and other elements of the site. And there is some exciting news coming soon(ish), to boot!

The most obvious change is that I'll be committing to a weekly cadence with the comic for the foreseeable future. Like I mentioned in the original blog post about the hiatus, two comics (and games!) a week wasn't something that I could sustain in the previous set-up. That said, my goal is to provide you guys with comics as quickly as I can produce them, so it's possible some weeks end up with more than one comic. And, who knows: Maybe I'll find a way to get back to two a week in the future ...

As always, if you have feedback about what you'd like to see or a change you'd recommend, just drop me a line on Twitter or via my contact page.