Site redesign and improved navigation

TL;DR: The homepage is no more and MvB finally has standard webomic navigation!

It's no secret that MvB is a Squarespace-driven site — it's a great platform, especially if you want something that looks half-decent, but don't have the time or know-how (me!) to get your knee-deep in HTML or CSS.

But! If you're, say, building a webcomic, it leaves a little something to be desired in regards to the standard first/previous/random/next/latest navigation that has become standard across the web. This is something that's bugged me since I started MvB and I feared I'd have to eventually ditch the friendly Squarespace confines if I wanted those five little buttons.

Enter Clay Yount, a self-described artist, designer, and developer who also happens to run the pretty excellent webcomic "Hamlet's Danish." Yount's come to my rescue, delivering exactly what I was looking for — all with guided Squarespace implementation tutorials and completely free, no less!

Anyway, it's taken some finagling to get it set up to my liking (I'm admittedly not exactly your standard webcomic, after all), but the new navigation is now implemented and functional. There are certainly some rough layout issues I hope to resolve in the coming days, but this is a big step forward. Thanks, Clay!