MAN v. BACKLOG is a gaming webcomic that documents the highs and lows of playing through my extensive and ever-growing backlog. I play games on all platforms, play each for a minimum of one hour, and only play those that have been fully released (no Early Access!). I may never get to every game on my backlog, but I hope to give others a sense of which games on their own backlogs are worth their time.

About verdicts

Each game receives one of four possible verdicts. In decreasing order of affection, they are: Love It, Play It, Ignore It, and Avoid It

Love It: My highest possible recommendation, this verdict is awarded to games that are expertly crafted or truly innovative experiences.

Play It: Well-designed, enjoyable, and solid titles that are maybe somewhat flawed but are still worth a look — with only a little reservation.

Ignore It: Receiving this verdict doesn't always mean a game is bad, but it may be forgettable or failed to set itself apart from superior competitors.

Avoid It: Spend your time and money elsewhere. Don't play these games.

About Me

I'm Nate Robinson, a game producer at WG Cells and alum of places like PopCap Games and ArenaNet. I'm a fan of all games, be they big, small, made of pixels or constructed with cardboard. I tend to gravitate towards single-player experiences primarily, but am always willing to try any game once. 

When I'm not drawing or gaming, I spend my time running, watching the Seattle Sounders or Kansas City Chiefs, and hanging out or traveling with my wife and dog.

About this website

MAN v. BACKLOG was built using Squarespace and a custom webcomic template created by Clay Yount.